Information and instructions for installing and setting up the NT Visualiser (Google Earth Enterprise) system.

1. NT Visualiser

The Northern Territory Government (NTG) has purchased the Google Earth Enterprise software suite allowing us to serve NTG spatial data to government users using an intuitive 3D interface. This customised service is called NT Visualiser.

NT Visualiser provides a powerful, user-friendly method for visualising spatial data including: property parcels, roads, and aerial photography. NT Visualiser also includes searching based on NT street addresses and place names.

Access to NT Visualiser

NT Visualiser is available without authentication to most users across the following Northern Territory Government Departments;

Department Of The Chief Minister
Northern Territory Treasury
Department Of Justice
Department of Education And Training
Office Of The Commissioner For Public Employment
Department Of Business And Employment
Department Of Housing, Local Government And Regional Services
Department Of Lands And Planning
Department Of Construction And Infrastructure
Department Of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts And Sport

Department Of Resources

Users from Police, Fire And Emergency Services and Department Of Health And Families need to contact Geoff Barnes (08 8901 0303) for authorisation and access information

 If you work outside those Departments listed, please contact GIS Support on 08 899 55311.

     Please note that NT Visualiser is only available to Northern Territory Government staff and unless otherwise indicated, is not available to external organisations.

2. Instructions for installation

Getting up and running with NT Visualiser is a 2 step process comprised of the following:

  1. Obtain and install the software
  2. Run the software and log on to the server

If you are a Northern Territory Government employee, you will need Administration Rights on your workstation to install this software. If you are unsure or do not have Administration Rights, please log an EPASS request to install this software

If you are installing the software from outside the NT Government network you will be prompted for your ILIS username and password.

Employees of the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Services will not need to download or install NTVisualiser or CTEM. Please contact Geoff Barnes (08 8901 0303) for authorisation and access information

If you have any questions about the process please do not hesitate to call GIS Support on 08 899 55311.

2.1. Installing the Software

If you have the free version of Google Earth already installed you do not need to remove it, but you should be aware of the licensing restrictions relating the use of the free version at work:

If you have an older version of the Google Earth Enterprise Client (or Keyhole Enterprise Client) you should uninstall that manually before beginning the install of the new version. You may wish to save your existing ‘My Places’ before doing this by right-clicking on them and choosing ‘Save’.

Follow these steps to download and install the software.

2.2. Running NT Visualiser

There will now be a ‘Google Earth EC’ (NT Visualiser) icon in your Windows Start Menu and Desktop. When you run the client it will ask for a Google Earth server to login to. In this box enter the value and click ‘Login’. You may wish to tick the ‘Always login to this server’ option to prevent being asked this in the future.

Server Select configuration for V4.2


Server Select configuration for V4.0

 If you are connecting from outside the NT Government network: you will be asked for your ILIS username and password.

You may be asked whether you want to use ‘OpenGL’ or ‘DirectX’ mode. OpenGL is the higher-performance, preferred method but will not work on all computers, particularly laptops. If you have any problems running in OpenGL mode, include software crashes or the ‘world’ not appearing correctly then switch to DirectX mode (Tools.. Options.. View tab.. DirectX).

If everything is successful you will be logged in ready to go.. if you have any questions please contact GIS Support on 899 55311


1 - Associating KML and KMZ files to NT Visualiser

Traditionally KML/KMZ files will open up in the free version of Google Earth. What happens when you want to open up the KML/KMZ files in NT Visualiser?

The steps below explain how to change the file associations of KML/KMZ files so that they will open in NT Visualiser. 

  1. Go to Windows Explorer
  2. click Tools menu
  3. click folder options
  4. navigate to the File Types tab
  5. In the Registered file types list, locate KML
  6. Click Change. The "Open With" window appears ( Figure 1)


               Figure 1. The Folder Options window (left) and the Open With window (right)

If you have both the free version of Google Earth and NT Visualiser installed, there will be two listings of Google Earth ( as highlighted in the Open With window in Figure 1). Unfortunately, there is no direct way of knowing which instance of Google Earth listed relates back to free Google Earth or NT Visualiser. Select the second Google Earth listing and click OK.Click OK in folder options to exit completely

Open the KML or KMZ file and see where it opens.

If it opens in NT Visualiser -  then the File Association has kept and the selection made was correct.

If the KML/KMZ file has opened in free Google Earth ( no change) - By default, Windows has selected the first listed Google Earth which corresponds to the free Google Earth version.

The best solution is to uninstall free Google Earth and NT Visualiser completely from the PC. Then

          1. re-install NT Visualiser first

          2. Secondly, install free Google Earth

This ensures that NT Visualiser is the associated program for KMLs and KMZ files and that  the first "Google Earth" reccomended program listed in the Open With window is NT Visualiser.

2 - Overview Map

There is a known problem with Google Earth's overview map where the world map becomes a black box with a thick red cross across its entire window. An erorr message also appears " Fetch of ScreenOverlay failed(Stream0_0)". This error is known to Google but no solution has been documented and no reason as to why it happens.

If this occurs, try one of the following solutions. These have been recommended by users through the many Google Earth discussion forums 

1. Turn off the Overview Map ( go to View and untick Overview Map). This is the simplest and easiest solution and should be done first. If this works, then all is solved.

2. If the Overview map is turned off and the error still appears, then an overlay image may be saved to the My Places Folder, which is turned on and cannot access its online image. If the check box next to My Places has a dot in it, click on it once to turn off any open items

3. Change the Graphic Mode ( go to Tools/Options/3D View tab) to Direct X. Open GML has been known to cause unknown errors.

Ensure that you have searched the Internet for more recent discussions and solutions to this error message