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This document explains the steps to add the 1:250,000 Topographic mapsheets into MapInfo by connecting to the Web Map Image Server and then downloading the layer onto your local PC.

This step by step guide is accompanied by illustrations.

In MapInfo Profesiional, Go to File/Open Web Service/Open WMS

Figure 1 - Opening a Web Map Service (WMS)

Figure 2 - Illustration of steps 1 to 6 (respectively)

  1. The Open WMS Table appears. Click on "Servers" along the top right hand side so that the "WMS Servers List" window appears
  2. Click the Add Button. The "WMS Server Information" window appears
  3. In Server URL, type  . This is the Image Server where the 250K topo maps live
  4. Click "Test URL". If the URL in the previous step was correctly entered, a "WMS Server Details" window should appear, which means that MapInfo has connected successfully to the Image Server
  5. Click Close
  6. Click "Get Description" in the WMS Server Information window to populate the Description
  7. Click OK to exit the WMS Server Information window
  8. Click OK to exit the WMS Servers List. You should be back at the "Open WMS Table" window. The "Open WMS Table" window now should have layers listed in the "WMS Layers" section. These are all the layers that reside in the Image Web Server ( that you have just added. Now that we have connected to the server, we need to download the "Geoscience Australia 250K Raster" layer

Figure 3 - Illustration of steps 9 - 13 (respectively)

9.   In the "WMS Layers" section, scroll down the list and find "Geoscience Australia 250K Raster"

10. Click the Add Button

11. The layer should now be listed in the window to the right hand side of the Add button

12.  Choose an appropriate location to save the layer. The layer will download in MapInfo .tab format. Please note the Coordinate Reference System and that it matches with your MapInfo Table and Session Projection settings

13.  Click OK


The 250K Topo raster data set should open in MapInfo.

Unless the 250K topo dataset changes, the 13 steps above should not need to be repeated again as a copy of the dataset is now saved on your local PC. Simply open the saved version when needed.

If you have trouble with this guide, please contact GIS Support on 8995 5311

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