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Datasets in the dissemination databases are known to have gone through the NT Government Spatial Data Publishing Checklist.

The data available in the dissemination database is not necessarily the working version from the custodians' point of view. Rather, it is the 'published' version. This is illustrated in Figure 1, where end users and their applications never connect directly to the custodian's version of the data. Instead data is published up into the dissemination area where it can remain consistent (all users get the same data model) and constantly available. This provides a level of security and ensure performance is maintained for the end users (by the provision of powerful dissemination hardware) and the custodian (by protecting them from end user queries).


The following are links to a live listing of all the layers and attributes available in the current DPI and NRETA dissemination databases,

There is a table in SDB1 called METADATA_LOOKUP that links the table name with the official metadata ID and metadata URL, so users can determine exactly what is contained in each table.