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This page provides instructions for using the NT Visualiser (NTG Google Earth) WMS layer in ArcGIS. This provides any ArcGIS user inside the NT Government with the best available georeferenced imagery without having to store on manage it themselves.

Please note this article is only relevant to users inside the NT Government network.


Note - This WMS service will only work if your Coordinates/Datum is set to Longitude/Latitude

1. Open ArcCatalog. Goto “GIS Servers”, then “Add WMS Server.”

ArcGIS_WMS1.JPGImage RemovedImage Added

2. Double-click on “Add WMS Servers”
3. in the Server URL: enter:

ArcGIS_WMS2.JPGImage RemovedImage Added

4. click 'Get Layers'.. Select the service you have added.(NTLIS Google Earth), then click Add. Then click OK.

5. The service then appears in the ArcCatalog directory:

ArcGIS_WMS4.JPGImage RemovedImage Added

6. Drag the service icon to ArcMap. If you have a small ArcMap window open, the following map will appear. If you have ArcMap maximized already, simply reduce the size of the window and refresh.

ArcGIS_WMS5.JPGImage RemovedImage Added

7. A shortcut is to open the attachment NT Visualiser.mxd

For further information call GIS Support (899 55322).