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A tool allowing ArcGIS users to query ILIS to determine the owner's addresses for the selected parcels and optionally jump to ilis land search.

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The Owner Name Identification Tool is the recommended way for NT Government ESRI ArcGIS users to determine ownership information for cadastre parcels.

It also provides an easy way to do a land search in ILIS directly from the ArcGIS interface.

Use of this tool will replace DPI providing parcel ownership details as a shapefile or other type of export.

Users of this tool might also be interested in this document: ArcGIS hyperlink to link to ILIS Land Search

Please note that at this time this tool is only available from inside the NT Government network



  1. Download the OwnerDetails.dll file (version 1d) and save it on your local harddrive. Note that if you delete the file the tool will disappear so you may wish to store it in c:\OwnerDetails.dll or similar.
  2. Open ArcGIS, go to 'Tools', 'Customise'.
  3. Click on the 'Commands' tab and click 'Add from file'.. browse to the location of the DLL from Step 1 and click 'OK'
  4. You should see a box saying Added objects...clsOwnerTool.. click 'OK'
  5. In the 'Commands' tab scroll down and click on 'NTLIS custom commands'
  6. Drag the 'Retrive owner names' command to somewhere on you ArcGIS toolbar.. and click close.
    1. note that you can choose either the large or the small toolbar.. they have the same functionality but the large one is easier to understand and more appropriate for users sho haven't used the tool before.

  7. Note that if the 'Save in' drop down says 'Normal.mxd' then the tool will load everytime you start ArcGIS, assuming it can find the file saved in Step 1.

Once the tool is installed you will see extra buttons in your ArcGIS toolbar as per the screenshot below.

Owner Name Identification ScreenshotImage RemovedImage Added



Usage is relatively simple:

  1. Add a cadastre layer to the map, it must have an attribute named 'LAISKEY'
  2. Select the parcels you would like to get the owner name details for, currently there is a limit of 50 parcels per request
  3. Select the syntax you would like the results returned in; HTML (default), XML or CSV.
  4. Click 'Owner Names'. The first time you perform the request you will be prompted for your ILIS username and password, enter these and click OK
  5. If you don't have an ILIS account, or you get a 'Login failed' error, please contact ILIS Support, 89995 5322
  6. If you request the HTML syntax output you can click 'Land Search' to go to ILIS directly to the parcel of interest.


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If there are any questions relating to the tool, please contact