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The Data Import Wizard

appears (Figure 1)

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Figure 1 - The Data Import Wizard


The Select Latitude/Longitude Field Window appears(Figure 2)

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Figure 2 - Select Latitude/Longitude Field Window


  • Address field value = full address ( corresponding column in the text file)
  • Click Back

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 Figure 3 - Definition of Street Addresses Window

The Specify Field Types (optional) window appears ( Figure 4). All values can remain as is. Click Back

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Figure 4 - Specify Field Type (optional) Window


If all street number, street name, street type and suburb values are complete and correct, the following error should not appear

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Although the error does not tell you what exactly is the problem (or its cause), the street name "Chewing" is spelt incorrectly. The correct spelling is "Chewings". To fix, cancel this message ( click the red X box), open the text file, correct the mistake, save and then repeat all steps outlined before this point.

The following message appears if all the above configuration has been completed correctly. Click Yes to apply a style template

Image Added

  • In the Style Template Options Window, tick "create new template" and Click OK. If an existing style template exists, it will be listed under "Compatible Templates" List. You can use these templates and/or edit them.


(or the column which has the information you wish to be labelled)

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Figure 5 - The Style Template Settings Window


Figure 6 shows the result of importing and geocoding  "AddressText.txt" into NT Visualiser.

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Figure 6 - Results of importing geocoding street address and labelling street numbers


The following table shows the data in the full_address column of AddressText.txt ( data used to Geocode) and whether it Geocoded or not. Reasons have been provided to highlight possible erorrs that can cause Geocoding to not work

7 Kirk Place GillenYes - Geocoded correctly and represents the correct parcel
8 Nicker Crescent GillenYes - Geocoded correctly and represents the correct parcel
9 Ballingall Street The GapYes - Geocoded correctly and represents the correct parcel
5 GAP ROAD THE GAPYes - Geocoded correctly and represents the correct parcel
9 Chewing Street East SideNo - "Chewing" misspelt so did not Geocode
43 Cavenagh Street East SideYes -  43 does not exist so it has geocoded to the road centreline
40 Cavenagh East SideNo - missing street type. Did not import at all.
 5/14 Smith Street Alice Springs No - unit numbers cannot be Geocoded. Omit

This table highlights the importance of ensuring that when you are collecting street address data, you must ensure that the street numbers exist, the street name and type are spelt correctly and exist and the suburb is actually a registered place name