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If you are interested in downloading vector (GIS file format) spatial data you may be interested in:

What are the addresses of WMS servers with NT data ?


Northern Territory Government users can use the following server to get aerial photography over the territory. This is the same imagery that appears in the NT Visualiser



This is described in more detail here: Viewing NTG Aerial Imagery in ArcGIS and Viewing NTG Aerial Imagery in MapInfo

How can i add a WMS server to ArcGIS / MapInfo / Google Earth?


There are some instructions available on this Forum adding the aerial photography WMS to ArcGIS or MapInfo, please note this is only available inside the NTG network.. however these instructions will help you add the above, publically available WMS servers also.

Here is a KML you can use to bring current NTG Cadastre into the Free or Pro versions of Google Earth. Download and double-click the KML file. Zoom in to a location in the territory and the cadastre should come up after a few seconds.

Here is an ArcMAP AXL file you can use automatically pulling in WMS layers from the NT Atlas.