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A general set of guidelines for once off data requests and purchases of spatial information from the NT Government.

This option is good for people who require spatial data as a once off supply, yearly supply or every 6 months. If you require spatial data more regularly (weekly or monthly) then a subscription for the regular supply of spatial information is the best option. See Downloading Spatial Data from the NT Government

 Spatial Data

NTAtlas and NR Maps NT are the NT Government’s online mapping applications. Both applications allow users to “discover” a myriad of layers and help to define/identify your area of interest (a PDF map can be created and used in your request).

A good starting point is to discover NTAtlas and NR Maps NT and find layers that are of interest to you

Layers from both applications may be available in various GIS or Image file formats which can be incorporated into your desktop software environment.

The Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment manages information available in NTAtlas. Department of Land Resource Management DLRM manages information available from NR Maps NT.

Geological, Mining and Tenament Information

The Department of Mines and Energy  maintains the Titles Information System (TIS) and Strike. All information (including purchasing/downloading) relating to Geology, Minerals and Mining Tenament and Mining (including Exploration Licencing and Petrolium Tenure) can be found here


Both NTAtlas and NR Maps NT provide users with metadata, especially if you're interested in purchasing spatial information with attributes. Simply click on the layers' name in the layer list to access the layer's metadata.

Guideline to request once-off data purchase of spatial information found on NTAtlas (DLPE managed spatial datasets)

Andy Roberts, Manager Products and Services in Alice Springs can be contacted via email ( or on the phone (08 8951 9237) for Once-off request for DLPE managed spatial data sets (including imagery).  As a range of information will be required in order to assess,price and process the request, certain information should be provided with the initial contact:

  • Type of data required (eg Cadastre - with / without attributes etc)
  • Area of Interest (Whole of NT, Darwin, Arnhem land, specific parcel/s etc). We also accept Parcel LAIS Keys, Lot and Location numbers, Survey Plans, radius or buffered areas, a bounding box by coordinates, KML, SHP or TAB file etc). Submitting a PDF map (created in NTAtlas) showing the area of interest is  reccomended
  • Prefered data format (SHP, TAB, DGN, DWG, ECW, JP2 etc)
  • If a GIS format, what attributes are required ( check Metadata for each layer for attribute information)
  • Coordinate System - Easting and Northings (GDA94 - MGA Zone 52 or Zone 53) or Latitude and Logitudes (WGS84). By default, or our datasets come in Lat/Long.
  • Intended use of the data. This will often influence the price and is necessary in the drafting of the Digital Data Agreement
  • Full contact details including your name for licensee, company, ABN, address, email and phone number(s)

Once your request is submitted, the Products and Services team will contact you with further information, including a request to sign the Digital Data Agreement and payment. Once the Agreement is signed and payment made, the spatial data will be delivered.

It should be remembered that some requests will ultimately require input and authorisation from other data custodians, managers or directors within NT Government ( eg where a request is made to waiver fees). This will extend the process and result in a longer data delivery.

Requesting once-off data purchase of spatial information found on NR Maps NT (DLRM managed spatial datasets)

DLRM has a requirement for the client to complete a Data Request Form. Please visit the NR Maps NT website ( for more information on purchasing DLRM managed spatial datasets.

Need Assistance?

If you would like assistance or have an enquiry, please contact NTLIS GIS Support

  PH (08) 8995 5311)

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