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A catalogue and description of the various online applications available under the NTG Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).


There are a number of applications made available to government and non-government users under the banner of the NT Spatial Data Infrastructure. These applications form the link between the data stored in the government dissemination databases and end users, and are targeted at a range of competence and requirements levels.


Figure 1: The Northern Territory Government Spatial Data Infrastructure (NTG SDI)

Integrated Land Information System ( ILIS )

The Integrated Land Information System provides access to a range of information about land in the Northern Territory. The data available covers the cadastre, land titles, land valuations, land use, planning and development assessment, building control, land administration and land acquisitions for Government purposes. Hyperlinks are used to provide access to an extensive repository of related data such as unit, survey and LTO plans as well as scanned dealings relating to titles.

ILISMaps / Spatial Data Download

ILISMaps is a more functional version of the NT Atlas, able to external registered ILIS users as well as general NTG staff. ILISMaps provides the interface with Spatial Data Download (click the toolbar button that looks like this: )  allowing government and subscription users to extract vector data in any format and projection.

NT Atlas

The NT Atlas is available on the public internet providing users with the ability to view and identify on the more commonly used NT government spatial datasets. The NT Atlas provides an interface to the NTSDD and is a good way to advertise the availability of a dataset to the public to promote its use.

NT Spatial Data Directory

The NT Spatial Data Directory is available by clicking on the 'Spatial Data Search' tab of the NT Atlas. The NTSDD is a catalogue of spatial datasets available from the various government departments of the Northern Territory. Users can search by keywords or data themes to access the metadata and contact details required to obtain the data. Anyone can add a metadata record to the NTSDD to promote the availability of a dataset and encourage its use.

NR Maps NT

A web mapping application for the discovery, interrogation and mapping of natural and cultural resource data and information.

NRETAS Maps enables you to select themes of data, display their geographical extent on a map and view the information or data available (features or attributes) for each individual data point or polygon.

  • Reference and context is provided by base layers, including land administration, infrastructure, geology and topography.
  • Functions include zooming, panning and spatial selecting and identifying of features, and basic map creating.
  • Simple search functions for each theme of data exist to enable text based searching or filtering of feature attributes and display of the result of the search on the map.

Aerial Photography Index

Aerial photography is captured primarily for the purposes of producing topographic mapping. Photographs (prints and digital images) are available for purchase through the Land Information Centres. The Aerial Photography Archive consists of in excess of 350,000 photographs dating back to the 1940s. About 2,000 photographs are added to the archive each year.

Historic Maps Index

Land Information still holds and uses on a regular basis, many historical maps and plans of the Territory. The Historic Maps Index allows users to search, preview and order these maps.

NT Visualiser (Google Earth Enterprise)

The Northern Territory Government has purchased the Google Earth Enterprise software suite allowing us to serve NTG spatial data to government users using an intuitive 3D interface. This customised service is called NT Visualiser. It provides a powerful, user-friendly method for visualising spatial data including: property parcels, roads, and aerial photography. NT Visualiser also includes searching based on NT street addresses and place names. More information relating to NT Visualiser can be found here: NT Visualiser Information and Installation Manual

Web Services (e.g. Web Mapping Server / Web Feature Server)

NTLIS maintain a number of web services available to the more technically-savvy members of the public wishing to develop their own applications incorporating Northern Territory Government spatial information.Examples include online maps and geocoding services. Information relating to these services can obtained by contacting GIS Support, or by searching for "WMS" or "WFS" in the NTLIS Collaboration Forum (this site).

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