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This document aims to explain the installation and rollout of GIS related software by NTLIS. Support and what to do when there is a problem with your software are also included. This information is targeted at Northern Territory users only

NTLIS deploys a myriad of GIS related software which assists NTG users in their eveyday work. The installation of GIS software within NTG is completed in partnership between NTLIS and NTG Desktop Services. NTLIS also assists other business divisions to explore the potential for using GIS software in their everyday work processes.

NTLIS is responsible for:

  • Packaging vendor supplied media into MSI packages for a consistent deployment across NTG for their specified GIS users
  • Providing end user support for all staff who access GIS related software as a work tool
  • Monitoring and managing infrastructure and systems in place to distribute and manage licences across NTG
  • Liaising with custodians in the management of license distribution, issues and strategic direction
  • Engaging and promoting new products and services to staff interested in exploring GIS software in their own work environment
  • Acquiring software, Test installation of software against platform/infrastructure and document procedures
  • Providing NTG Desktop Services with the information they need for the deployment and installation of GIS software, including user lists from custodians, installation documentation and media
  • Maintaining dialogue with NTG Desktop Services to resolve problems, initiate new ideas and formulate strategic direction

NTG Desktop Services assists NTLIS with the deployment and installation of GIS software to NTG Assets by

  • Deploying software as part of a rollout project, using created MSI,
  • Installing GIS software on an individual's PC when ad-hoc Epass Requests are created

 Procedure: Acquiring Access to NTLIS Maintained GIS Software

Post NTLIS rollout, all GIS software is available to NTG GIS users through NTG Desktop Services. It is essential that approval  be given by your Manager or Cost Code Manager there are financial implications. NTLIS also monitors this usage per user/asset for maintenance invoicing purposes.

The following is a recommended procedure for users to follow when there's a new GIS software request:

  1. Contact GIS Support indicating you business requirement and the software you're interested in accessing. The Support team will indicate the availablity of the GIS licenses as well as its related costs.
  2. Provide the information gained in 1. to your Manager or Cost Code Manager for Approval.
  3. The approval must be granted for the cost as well as identified user/asset, in a written medium when forwarded to GIS Support.
  4. On receipt of the above, a financial transaction will occur between NTLIS and the other entity
  5. Simultaneously when approval is granted, users can send make an ePass request for the software installation.
  6. Send the ePass reference details to your Manager or Cost Code Manager and to 

Existing users needing GIS software re-installations, that are outside the GIS rollout process, should make an EPASS request as indicated above. If they encounter problems with this ePass entry they can contact the NTG Helpdesk (x44311) directly.

The current GIS software available for deployment is documented inNTLIS GIS Software Packages Available at the NTG Service Centre to assist users to identify the correct versions available for deployment.

Most often the installation process will be undertaken remotely or interactively by a Field Technical Officer. It is up to him/her to contact GIS Support (ph 8995 5311 or ) if they experience installation difficulties.

Information you need at the time of an ePass request includes the following:

  1. Name of GIS software & version (refer to NTLIS GIS Software Packages Available at the NTG Service)
  2. Your machine’s asset number (normally a yellow sticker with barcode e.g BAA*****)
  3. Your departmental delegate
  4. Date when you require the software

You will be given a transaction referenced number, followed by an SD incident email approval by the nominated Delegate  

Important Notes

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1.      <!--[endif]-->Aside from the ESRI ARCGIS 9.3 software, all recent GIS software deployed by NTLIS can be remotely deployed/installed on user’s machines.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2.      <!--[endif]-->If you’re a new user of the software, you need to have approval from your Authorising/Cost Code Manager as usage of GIS software has a financial impact on your Department

Problems after your software installation

As NTG Desktop Services install all GIS software, any problems (including licensing) after the software installation must be directed to Desktop Services through EPASS. NTG Desktop Services and NTLIS are in constant dialogue to address installation issues and are always finding ways to improve the process

  1. Send an EPASS request.
  2. Provide as much information as possible about the problem
  3. If the problem is NOT resolved, email for further escalation.

If you are unsure on what to do, contact us at x55311 or via email

Software is working OK but I need assistance?

Need assistance to complete a task or not sure how something works? Contact GIS Support on 08 8995 5311 or

Licensing of software 

Licensing is limited and is available to those who purchase it. All installed software must be licensed. Each financial year, NTLIS sends invoices to Cost Code Managers based on software licenses or usage.

There are two different types of licences available

  • Concurrent/Floating Licences - a "pool" of licences on the NTG network that is accessed by users when they open up their desktop GIS software. Many users can access can access a network licence.
  • Single Use/Node Locked Licence - Each PC to which the software would be installed would need to have an individual licence allocated to it. This method can be expensive if purchasing more than three licences (depending on quotation and cost per unit - NTLIS can assist in determining the best licensing option for you). There can also be difficulties removing or transferring licences if the software needs to be uninstalled.

All licensing agreements for software is determined at the time of installation testing by NTLIS based on licenses purchased by the Departments or their contribution to usage

Further Reading

Click here for a list of GIS Software which is installed by NTG Desktop Services or NTLIS

Click here for a list of Cost Code Managers across the Northern Territory Government

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