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The Integrated Land Information System provides easy access via the internet to a range of information about land and property in the Northern Territory.


What is the Integrated Land Information System (ILIS)?

ILIS Support Phone(08) 8995 5322
ILIS Support Fax(08) 8995 5366
Land Titles Office(08) 8999 6520
ILIS Web Address

The Integrated Land Information System provides easy access via the internet to a range of information about land and property in the Northern Territory.

The data available covers the cadastre, land titles, land valuations, land use, planning and development assessment, building control, land administration and land acquisitions for Government purposes.

Hyperlinks are used to provide access to an extensive repository of related data such as unit, survey and LTO plans as well as scanned dealings relating to titles.

Accessing the ILIS Application

Non-Government/Internet Clients without a current ILIS Agreement

Non-Government clients can access ILIS over a secure Internet connection with the use of an SSL Certificate installed on the client machine, and a valid user account.  An SSL certificate is provided to clients only after an account has been established 

To request an ILIS Account, an Application for Internet Access and Licence Agreement should be emailed to ILIS Support 

This form is to be used if a non-government client does not currently have a established Agreement, including Government Business Divisions (GBDs) and Statutory Commercial Authorities

After receipt of your application, ILIS Support refers your application to NT Government data custodians, including the Land Titles Office (LTO). A data licence agreement is created by the LTO and sent via post to the applicant to accept, sign and return to the LTO. Please the contact the LTO for further information on (08) 8999 6520.

The Data Licence Agreement governs the use of data provided by the Northern Territory Government. A Data Licence Agreement must be signed by applicants before access is given to Northern Territory data.

Points to Note: Delays can occur due to postage or other unforeseen circumstances, so please allow time for the application to progress.

The LTO can manually provide Land Title and Registered Dealing searches, either over the counter or via fax. If you require a 'one off' document search, an ILIS account may be unnecessary. More information is available at the Land Titles Office website.

Government Users

(including Power Water, Territory Housing, TIO, AVO, Land Development Corporation & Local Government Authorities)

Northern Territory Government employees can access ILIS from within the Government network. Access is restricted to individual needs and is provided on a case by case basis.

Government Users requiring an ILIS Account should complete the NTG ILIS Access form and have it signed by their immediate supervisor.

Forms can be emailed to where they will be forwarded to the relevant ILIS Custodians for their approval. You will receive notification from ILIS Support once your application is complete.

Please note that Government Business Divisions (eg Land Development Corporation, Darwin Port Authority) and Statutory Commercial Authorities (eg Power Water, TIO, LGAs etc) need to establish an Application Agreement at the first instance (see Non-Government Users)

What is the ILIS Website Address?

For external clients, ILIS can be access at
For Internal Government users, ILIS can be accessed at


ILIS Fees and Charges

Data supplied to external clients, Government Business Division and Corporate Account customers may incur associated fees and charges.  Statutory Fees apply to Title Searches, Unit Plan diagrams, Registered Dealings and a range of services.

The fee schedule is available at the Land Titles Office Website.

Clients are informed by the system when a charge will be incurred and are billed once a month by the Land Titles Office.

Clients who incur fees and the requested data is not delivered via ILIS (eg technical problems) should contact the LTO in the first instance on (08) 8999 6520.


The following problem and resolution matrix lists common problems experienced by users. If you experience a technical problem with ILIS, please review this list prior to logging a help desk call.

Unless otherwise stated, this document refers to Internet Explorer 6.0. 

problem and
 possible Causes(s)
404 Page cannot be displayed Error.

SSL Certificate not installed or expired.
  • Ensure you have installed a valid SSL Certificate on the machine trying to access ILIS.
  • Follow the SSL Certificate Guide to investigate SSL Certificate issues.
  • SSL Certificates are emailed to the default email address on the account, prior to the anniversary of your account creation date each year.
  • If you require a new SSL Certificate, please contact ILIS Support
 Invalid URL
  • Ensure the URL in the Address Bar is valid.
Error Message:
"Your session has timed out".

Client machine Date/Time Settings are inaccurate.
  • Check Date and Time Settings on the local machine to ensure the system time is accurate (Start Menu > Control Panel > Date and Time). This error is common when the local machine date is forward by a day or more.
The ILIS Session you were using has been idle for a period of time, or services were interrupted.
  • Close the current window, and re-open your ILIS session in a new window (Login again).
Client machine does accept Cookies
  • Ensure Cookies are accepted from ILIS Website. Cookie Settings for Internet Explorer are set under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy Tab.
Invalid URL
  • Check the URL you are using to access ILIS is accurate.
  • Check that any bookmarks or favourite links do not contain outdated session information in the URL.
  • Your address bar should display one of the following URL's only when logging in.
Duplicate cookiesYour browser may be storing duplicate cookies from both the internal and external ILIS sites (govt employees only).  First try closing and reopening your browser, then rebooting your machine.  Be sure to delete one of the sites from your browsing history and use only one site in future.
Error Message:
"Login Failed" (Screenshot)

The supplied Username and/or Password are incorrect.

Note: Password field is case sensitive
  • Ensure case-sensitive password is accurate (ie. Check CAPS-LOCK key)
  • Use the Forgot your Password link to reset your account password. Note: This facility is not available if the account is revoked (3 or more password attempts). 
  • Contact ILIS Support on 08 8995 5322 to request assistance.

Error Message:
"ILIS Account Revoked/ Disabled"

Account auto-disable feature has been activated, usually due to more then 3 invalid password attempts.
  • Contact ILIS Support Phone 08 8995 5322. Note If your account is revoked, the Online Password Reset facility is also unavailable.
Account disabled by LTO or ILIS Support for security, billing or administrative purposes.
  • Contact ILIS Support Phone 08 8995 5322. Note If your account is revoked, the Online Password Reset facility is also unavailable.
Error Message:
"You have submitted the same form twice".


The forward and back buttons on the browser have been used, or the page has been refreshed after a Invalid login attempt.
  • Close the browser window and open a new window. Navigate to the ILIS login page and try to login again.
The browser is not requesting a new page from the server.
  • Change this setting in Tools > Internet Options > General Tab and select the 'Settings' button.  Make sure Internet Explorer requests a 'new page from server each time'.

PDF File Download Error

"Internet Explorer cannot Download I2 from". (Internet Explorer 7.x)

Internet Explorer 7.x settings are restricting access to an "Encrypted" file.
  • Ensure the item "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" is NOT checked. In Internet Explorer, this setting can be accessed under menu item Tools > Internet Options > Advanced Tab and is located in toward the bottom of the Advanced Settings options list.
PDF File Download Error

Blank Page Error when loading a PDF file (Administrative Details, Full Search, Unit Plan etc)

Adobe Acrobat Reader not installed or insufficient version installed.
  • Check your system for Adobe Acrobat Reader installation.  You can use this PDF file  to check for Adobe Reader. If Adobe Reader is launched, please check the software version in the Help menu (About).
  • Update or Install Adobe Acrobat Reader to at least version 5.0. Adobe Reader is free software available from Adobe Systems Incorporated and is required to view Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

Document does not load from ILIS Database correctly.

  • If other PDF files successfully display on your machine (launched from within a browser), and your requested ILIS PDF file does not, you should contact ILIS Support for further assistance.
Internet Browser fails to load Adobe Acrobat plug-in correctly.
  • If your browser fails to load PDF files, and Adobe Reader is installed, you should repair your Adobe Reader installation through Start Menu > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Highlight Acrobat Reader, select 'Repair'. You should then test the ILIS PDF again.

NT PFES (Police, Fire & Emergency Services) users experience empty log in screen after attempt to log in

NTPFES employees having ILIS login issues - when login button is clicked, ILIS clears all the fields and refreshes to an empty login page
  • To bypass the issue in Internet Explorer 7 - Open the ILIS login screen, click Tools > Phishing Filter > Check this site> OK all the prompts. Once complete, login with your username and password.
  • To bypass the issue in Internet Explorer 8 or 9 - Open the ILIS login screen, click Tools > SmartScreenFilter > Check this website > Ok any prompts. Once complete, login with your username and password. This may take several minutes.
  • You may need to delete your cookies 

     Tools > Internet Options > Under Browsing History click the Settings Button > Click the View Files Button > select all the files (Control  + A) > press your Delete button > close the open Window and Ok > Ok.
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