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The default complete installation of ProjectWise Explorer enables integration with Microsoft Office applications (specifically Outlook) which leads to annoying and pointless Projectwise popups when using the Office applications. This page details the proceedure to remove the Microsoft Office Integration from the ProjectWise Installation

To disable Microsoft Office Integration in ProjectWise:

  1. Login as an administrator to the computer
  2. Click Start > Control Panel
  3. Click 'Add Remove Programs'
  4. locate 'Projectwise Explorer V8i' in the 'Currently installed programs' list and click 'Change'
  5. Click 'Next' on the screen that appears
  6. Click the 'Modify' option and click next.
  7. Locate 'Microsoft Office' in the list of installed componants (under iDesktop Integration), click the little drive icon, and select 'This feature will not be available' from the drop down menu.
  8. click next, install and finish to complete the modify installation process.

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