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How to define and use ArcGIS Hyperlinks to link to ILIS (Integrated Land Information System) Land Search. This allows ArcGIS users to link directly to ILIS without having to perform a search in the ILIS web-browser interface. This article is relevant to users inside and outside of the Government, so long as the user has an ILIS account.


ILIS (Integrated Land Information System) provides easy access via the internet to a range of information about land and property in the Northern Territory. The data available covers the cadastre, land titles, land valuations, land use, planning and development assessment, building control, land administration and land acquisitions for Government purposes.

Please note this document is relevant to government and external users, as ILIS is available on the public internet to subscribing users. More information about ILIS for non- NT government users can be found at

Setting up ArcGIS to perform directly linking to ILIS is a two step process:

  1. Define the hyperlink field
  2. Perform the link by clicking on the relevant cadastre parcel on the map

1. Double-click the layer in the table of contents for which you want to define hyperlinks.

2. Click the Display tab.

3. Check Support Hyperlinks using field.

4. Click the drop-down arrow and click a field (ILIS_LINK). The field containing the hyperlink target has to be set up before you can specify hyperlinks in this dialog box.

All cadastre extracted after March 2007 will contain this attribute.

5. Click the URL option to specify what type of hyperlink the selected field contains.

6. Click OK.

1. Make sure the layer containing the feature for which you want to access a hyperlink is checked on (visible) in the table of contents.

2. Click the Hyperlink tool . Any visible features in the map that have hyperlinks defined are drawn in blue (the default color) or outlined in blue in the case of polygons. When the mouse hovers over a feature for which a hyperlink exists, the mouse pointer turns into a pointing hand and you see a pop-up tip with the name of the target.

Before Hyperlinks Defined                           After Hyperlinks Defined

3. Click the feature. A hyperlink is invoked. If more than one hyperlink has been defined for the feature you clicked, a dialog box will appear from which you can select the hyperlink you want to launch.

As always, any questions contact GIS Support.

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